What IS pileCom
A Multi-service platform


Why PileCom


The pileCom domain was first registered in Skopje (FYROM) in 1995 to host the clients of Web Page Designs, and to provide information and tutorials for Information Technology users in Eastern Europe.
In 1999 The Consultancy relocated to Barbados maintaining this role across international borders. Our model remained in place until 2015, when the client base was almost totally composed of businesses in the Media and Marketing industries.  The decision was then taken to utalize our years of experience in Information Technology, Marketing, Sports and Videography, and change the strategic focus of the consultancy.
The pileCom domain remains the platform for the delivery of all services.

When it was first decided to establish a domain circa 1995, the initial thought was to register the name Compile.com.

Unfortunately this was unavailable at the time so the second option was to use pileCom.

Having done so and established a clientelle under that brand, it was decided to maintain the domain name.

pileCom primarily host the services provided by this consultancy.

We however continue this service for some existing customers and will register and host domains for clients using our other services.