Integrated Service Provision




CPNet is a project management consultancy in the media and communications industry.
Possesing the skill sets developed from other concentrations we have many of the assets required for the media industry onboard.

CPNet is comprised of four verticals:
FilmStream – The film production unit captures and produces video content for clients and our own network
Global Television Partnerships – The content distribution unit
Web Page Designs – The web and application development unit. The management of Social Media.

CPNet AirOps - This vertical provides aerial services utilizing UAVs.
pileCom – The domain delivery platform from which all of our digital services are provissioned.

We aim to lead the new media revolution by helping to build and strengthen a platform for Regional film producers and grow our presence both regionally and internationally. We will accomplish this with excellence in the way we conduct our business, in our product offering and quality service to our diverse client base.