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So​ft launch of FilmStream TV

News release #2

FilmStream has been testing an IPTV broadcast platform for the past week. Today we set up our station on www.pilecom.net for preview.

This initial test will run for one week starting  04/04/16.
It ends on 11/04/16.

Please request the login credentials by emailing [email protected] under the subject "Request for IPTV demo."

A  player may be downloaded from out home page.

What is important at this time is your feed back on video quality, ease of use and smooth viewing. (no buffering),

We wish to collect as much data as possible so please send your comments and spread the word to as many of your friends and contacts as possible.

Login information for site and player will be emailed to you using the address provided in your "request for IPTV demo" correspondance.

News release #3

News release #4

Other information
Known issues
Research into the enhanced deployment of our stream.
There may be issues with viewing some of the site features on some mobile devices. We are working on a solution.

The launch of the FilmStream multi channel IPTV station at the earliest feasible opportunity.