Crowdfunding to boot the FilmStream Network
How we got started
Where we are now.

So we developed a product, established a platform, formulated a concept of operations and done some market research and site analytics to enable us to budget and make a medium term plan.
Now we need to fund the start and ramp up periods which is estimated at six months.
The components of this period are:

additional equipment and software,
OTT provider cost for the ramp up period
Production and Staff maintenance over the ramp up period.

What is our Target.

We wish to launch the FilmStream Network as soon as possible and have worked assiduously to achieve this.

At this point an additional US$23,180.00 is required to start live operations.

However at this juncture, after having done all that is possible from personal funding we need to boot the project.


Help in getting FilmStream Network launched by kindly donating.

Those unable to donate, please kindly share the link to as many as possible.
It would be greatly appreciated.


Dependent on the level of contribution, participants will receive various periods of free Network coverage and an item from our range of corporate imaging products.

How we got started.

CPNet was requested to establish revenue sharing arrangements with Spanish speaking subscription TV stations on behalf of a client.
We decided to capture content in the sports and cultural arena in view of diversifying our revenue stream; however in order to enhance our service level and have flexability in the publication of our productions, we decided to have our own TV station... Eureka the project plan is born.

The Challenges then begun. We had to do extensive research into the required technology. Being a small company, equipment and software would play a vital role in our ability to achieve a successful workflow.
Decisions as weather to invest in on site trans-coders and media servers, or use cloud based solutions, Weather to deliver a single channel or a channel within a network of content offerings.

To collect the required data, we needed to invest in a prototype which could be used to test the Market, the product and the technology.
We have invested in video and audio equipment, made contact with a number of service providers (as it was decided that a cloud based solution is the best fit for our model at this time), and done extensive marketing using Google AdWords and Social media to establish Brand awareness thru various promos and trials.

How we have evolved.

After some time building the business, we saw a need for an additional function, which in turn has lead to our current concept of operations.
We have a mixed culture in the Caribbean. Indian, African and Latin American predominately.
There is therefore a need for diverse content in several Genre.
There is no way we could generate all the content required to feed a 24/7 station so the idea dawned on us...”why not affiliate with local and regional film makers”?
We provide the platform for the delivery of their work, and they in turn can enjoy compensation through revenue sharing or other arrangements.