Do your part to stop illegal dumping

  1. Household trash
    Household trash
    Illegal dumping
  2. Trash site
    Trash site
    Illegal dumping
  3. Animal waste
    Animal waste
    Illegal dumping

How to participate & get a reward.

In celebration of our launch of “DWINDLE DUMP DOMINICA” in association with “Company” will be conducting the 50/50 programme.

Twelve - “fifty dollar”  vouchers can be won by persons who report illegal dump sites in 2017.
All persons reporting verified sightings of illegal dumping areas either through this Dwindle Dump app, or by submitting an email with country,  GPS coordinates & photo (if possible attached) to [email protected] are eligible for the monthly draw.

One prize voucher will be awarded each month between January and November of 2017. Selection will be made by electronic raffle of the email addresses of all persons making validated submissions during the month. Participants who report can win in more than one period. A Grand draw of all emails submitted will be made in December 2017. Comit to 50% of the effort. The other 50% will be done by the participating cleanup agencies.

Its a 50/50 deal... Do your part.