Content Supply Bidding
Warranties and Representations

Filmmakers must warrant and indemnify CPNet for any loses or legal fees incurred from a breach of coppyright or trademark. The filmmaker must have all the rights needed to exploit the film. CPNet reserves the right to ensure that the filmmaker has a clean "chain of title" to the work being licensed. To fully own a film, the filmmaker needs to secure film rights to the script and any underlying literary property. CPNet will also ask the filmmaker to warrant that the film doesn't violate any third party rights, including actions for copyright or trademark infringement, invasion of rights of privacy and publicity, and defamation.

The bidding process

CPNet will, from time to time, publish tenders for the submission of content.  The genre, duration and type of license under which CPNet wishes to engage will be clearly indicated in the bid offer.

Filmmakers/Providers will place their bids within the timeframe stipulated for the closure of the process. The Awarded producer will then submit a trailer of the content to CPNet eletronically for review.
Prividing that the trailer is accepted by CPNet, the provider will transfer the full version of the media and CPNet will pay the bid offer fee.

Should the trailer be rejected, the filmmaker/Producer will be advised and the full version of the media will not be required by CPNet. The bidding process  for said media is then  reopened.