caribbean marine operations environment
keeping our maritime spaces safe

  1. Cruse liners & Commercial vessels.
    Cruse liners & Commercial vessels.
    Commercial Operations
  2. Pleasure Craft Operations
    Pleasure Craft Operations
    Tourism Product related maritime operations
  3. Emergency Reporting
    Emergency Reporting
    SOS & SAR
  4. Red Tide
    Red Tide
    Environmental Incident
  5. Oil Spill
    Oil Spill
    Environmental Incident
  6. Fire
    Maritime Hazard
  7. Fish Kill
    Fish Kill
    Environmental Incident

CMOE Cloud based platform.

This  platform has full functionality but varies slightly from the app in the features available
The light module is designed only for mobile divices which are equiped with a flash, and the pending weather upgrade is not included in the cloud based version. The checklist module is only available on the cloud based version.

Download the app.